Text Tagging

Assign topics to text and extract key entities

This demonstration displays AWS, Azure, IBM and TextRazor's existing tools for analysing text, extracting key entities and identifying topics and concepts present in the text.

  1. Enter some text into the box below or select one of the example texts by clicking one of the buttons below the text box and click Analyse. Once the analysis is complete the text will be displayed with any key entities highlighted in bold. Clicking on an entity in the text will display more detailed information in the righthand panel. Relevant topics identified in the text are displayed below the entities.
More information about this demo

The Azure and AWS demos identify key entities within the text and classifies them into to types; people, places, events and more.

The IBM and TextRazor demos feature entity extraction and classification, disambiguation and linking. The IBM Natural Language Understand API identifies high level concepts in the text. TextRazor enables automatic topic tagging and classification.

Things to consider

Text Tagging has a number of uses, including research, marketing and recommendation systems; you can see some examples of these in the Knowledge section of this website.

It allows for businesses to assess entities, topics and concepts in large quantities of text. It is possible to train your own Named Entity Recognition and Text Classification tools to better fit the needs of your institution.