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Recommending Jobs

Recommendations based on Prospects.ac.uk job profiles

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Recommending Jobs

This demo uses the job profiles found at Prospects.ac.uk to generate recommendations for similar jobs.

  1. Select a job from the drop-down list below to see recommendations for similar jobs. Click the "Show text analysis results" check-box below the recommendations to see the topics that were automatically generated for the chosen job profile.
More information about this demo

All of the job profiles available on Prospects have been analysed, and topics related to the profiles have been automatically generated. Recommendations for similar jobs are then generated by searching for jobs that are related to similar topics.

The automatically-generated recommendations are displayed alongside the hand-curated alternative careers determined by Prospects, for easy comparison.

Things to consider

This demo illustrates how AI could assist in a task such as providing recommendations or suggestions for alternative careers.

Although the automatically-generated recommendations are perhaps not accurate enough to be used on the Prospects website in their current form, they could be used to significantly reduce the amount of time needed to perform such a task by-hand.