Live Transcription

Live Speech-to-Text transcription.

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Live Transcription

The following demostration uses Microsoft Azure's prebuilt Speech-to-Text client. Please be aware that this demo does not currently work when using the Safari Browser.

  1. Press start and enable your microphone to start the demo.
  2. Speak into your microphone and watch the tool transcribe what you are saying.
  3. Press stop when you are finished speaking, or the tool will automatically stop listening after 30 seconds.

Gathering Azure Transcription Tool
More information about this demo

Live transcription provides an important role in providing accessible education to individuals with impaired hearing. This is tool that is built into existing conferencing tools like Microsoft Teams, Zoom and allows individuals to get actively involved in real time conversations as opposeed to retrospectively. This demo is an example of how you could imbed existing cloud providers Speech-to-Text tools into other applications.

Things to consider

The tool won't always get it right but Azure does offer a highly accurate solution. The Azure Speech Studio service also allows you to build custom models to better suit your needs, for example, to include industry specific terminology.