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Question Generation

Automatically generate questions and answers

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Question Generation

The following demonstration uses Open AI's GPT-3 language model and PaLM 2 from Google. It uses a predefined command to create a set of 5 questions and answers.

  1. Enter some text in the box below and click generate or select from one of the example topics.
  2. View the generated question and answer set.
More information about this demo

This demo utilises two Large Language Models (LLMs); GPT-3 from OpenAI and PaLM 2 from Google. A LLM is a form of Artificial Intelligence (AI), built on a expansive dataset, predominantly scraped from the internet. The main uses for these models are to generate, complete and summarise text; with a multitude of other potential use cases. They work by, based on the initial text input, continually predicting the most likely next token or word to create meaningful responses, in most cases. When working with such models the more infomation you provide the tool the better the response, this is known as prompt-engineering.

Things to consider

This tool will return different information each time you run it, so it is possible to keep generating information until it returns a version you want.