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Emotion Detector

Automatically determine the emotions expressed within text

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Emotion Detector

The following demonstration uses IBM's Tone Analytics in order to identify different emotions within text.

  1. Click on an example text to analyse the emotions in the text.
  2. Or you can enter your own text into the box below and click analyse.
More information about this demo

IBM's Tone analytics can currently try to determine the emotion conveyed in text on a document level. If you wanted to view the emotion conveyed on a sentence level, you can break your text up into sentences and send it to their API. Emotion analysis is a useful tool when categorising feedback for a course, etc or flagging comments on a chatbot for example.

Things to consider

Similarly to other Natural Language Understanding tools, Emotion Analysis is not always 100% accurate and can encounter difficulty when assessing text that contains negations, sarcasm and irony.